Whitewater rafting with Dagali Opplevelser

Water fun

Near Geilo you will find one of Europe's best rafting rivers. Here you can venture out into the wildest rapids or join a quiet walk for the whole family.

Rafting is a thrilling experience that is suitable for anyone who tolerates water. At Geilo there are several companies that offer rafting and other river sports both for adventurous toddlers and families with children who want a nice and exciting day.

Rafting is incredibly exciting and fun. You challenge yourself and your own boundaries and will experience adrenaline rush and butterflies in your stomach. You are totally focused on what you do there and then, you are alive in the midst of the experience.

Numedalslågen runs through Dagali, which is the starting point for the rafting trips in the Geilo area. The upper part, Dagalifallene, is considered one of Europe's best rafting elves, with clean and fresh water right from Hardangervidda National Park. Foreign guests do not believe their own eyes when they see that one can drink the water right from the river.

When can you raft?

The season lasts from about 20 May to September / October. In the spring flood, when all the melt water from the snow melt in the mountain fills the river, there is plenty of water and the river goes fast and streak. Some parts of the river are not suitable for rafting at this time, but experienced guides always have an overview of where to raft properly regardless of water level.

In July, the river is calming and you can raft in other parts of the river. This is the time for the best extreme trips, there is still plenty of water, but the river no longer runs floodlights. Slightly quieter water flow means that stretches of river that are tough during the flood are suitable for families and those who want a quieter ride.

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