Hardangerjøkulen Geilo
©Paul Lockhart


Use your feet and experience the high mountains at its best

Geilo is an easily accessible starting point for hiking in the mountains, whether you want to go straight from the center, drive or take the train to start the trip in the middle of the mountain world. The Geilo-area offers more than 350km of hiking trails. Take a short afternoon tour by taking the chair lift up to the National Park view or crossing Hardangervidda over to Western Norway.

Take the chairlift to the mountains

Want to start the hike in the mountain? Take the charlift up! The chairlift runs every day from 10:00 to 17:00 (until August 25)

Hiking map 

Check out hiking and biking trails in our map online or drop by the touristinformation to pick one up!

Geilo on Outtt.com

You can find hiking and biking descriptions, maps and more on. Still, remember to bring map and compass on longer hikes.

Geilo on Ut.no

We publish our best tour tips and routes on Ut.no. You can also find the overview of open DNT cabins and bridges at ut.no. It is possible to print out their own tour map for small tours. Recommended to buy maps for longer mountain trips.