Husky - training with the dogs over two days

The real husky experience. Pre-seson training with a night in a lavvo.
The dogsledding season starts already at the end of August when the evenings begin to get colder. Then the dogdrivers look forward to getting started and they have a hard training program during the autumn months to get the dogs ready for the long-distance races starting in January.

Before the snow comes, the training will take place on wheels. The tours take place on secluded forest roads and along the water for the dogs to get water on the trip.

We would like to take you on such a trip with accommodation in lavvo to the next day. The trip starts with a at the dogdrivers farm. Here you help to prepare the dogs. Attendance at 13.00 (may be later if we see that the weather report indicates hot weather) - it should preferably be 10 degrees or less to train the huskies. The night is spent in lavvo on reindeer skin. You must bring your own sleeping bag.

In addition to sleeping bags, you will need clothes suitable for autumn weather in the mountains. That is, both waterproof and windproof clothing, extra layer of wool and something warm wear while sleeping. It may soon be minus degrees at night.