Nille Geilo - Great purchases for pleasant occasions! Nille is a nationwide low-cost chain with a versatile range of goods. Goods like glass, stoneware, kitchen utensils, toys, tools, candles, napkins, electrical items, textiles, gifts, hygiene items and sweets. Nille in Geilo has goods at low prices combined with good quality.
Nille follows the year with seasonal goods for all the pleasant occasions

Have you wondered why the Nille stores are constantly changing? That's because they follow the seasons. At Nille, the store is filled with what is relevant at the moment, at a low price. The seasons are full of pleasant occasions, and at Nille you find what makes them even nicer. If there is Easter, there is more Easter at Nille than most other places. Similarly, it is for Advent and Christmas.
Watch their blog to get inspiration for the season you're in.

In between seasons there are many good promotions. They can be trend-focused, price-focused or directly targeted towards the coming season. At Nille you will also find lots of promotional items, such as summer goods, things for school start and, not least, a large selection of scary for Halloween. When it's carnival time or Valentine you have to drop by, it's all occasions they like to make a little extra of.

Hobby - drawing, shape and color

Are you one of the many creative souls who love to do a little extra out of different occasions? Then Nille is the right place to fill up the warehouse with hobby articles. Nille has lots of equipment for scrapbooking, decorating and decoration for everyday and party. There is nothing that beats receiving a handmade card with gifts, and Nille has what you need. But perhaps the most important of all .... Nille has it at affordable prices.


One of the new additions to Nille's range is health food. We have started up with health food products like Omega 3, cranberry, blueberry extract, C vitamins and much more.

Nille Geilo has what you need, just when you need it

Always a lot of money If something is known to Nille, then there is a large selection of good quality goods and reasonable prices. Here you do not need to blow yourself when shopping.

Nille likes to surprise her customers, maybe you also find something to surprise others with?

Nille has a good selection of candles, napkins, cleaning items and everything else you may need. Take a trip, at Nille you will find a variety of items from practical items, to gift items and snacks. Here, both large and small can find things for a cheap money.


Nille's stores are packed with gift items and a place created to draw inspiration. It ranges from fine decoration items, to the more practical things to the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Kitchen and bathroom

If you need new glassware, practical aids for the kitchen such as knives, mugs, plates or coffee pot, Nille is a good place to start. You will find what you need, from clothes clips and cardboard plates to candy, clothes and coffee.

Also check out Nille's selection of cleaning articles. Detergents, cloths and brushes .... they have what you need.

Reasonable shopping experience

Nille is an exciting addition to the shops at the mall. With the combination of pleasant staff and clear shops, Nille Geilo gives you a good experience at fixed low prices. In short, Nille usually has more than you think at a lower price than you think!
Address: Vesleslåttvegen 19, 3580 Geilo