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Summer 2 hours horseback riding tour

Our 2 hour ride takes us throu the forrest in Vestlia.

Our 2 hour ride takes us throu the forrest in Vestlia. The paths are skislopes in wintertime, and give us a wide variety of options depending on the riders capasity. If we have beginners with us, we'll take them on a slow and comfortable ride. For those who are experienced we speed up a little. The guide will ride according to the weekest rider in the group, for safety reasons.

We do mainly ride on our icelandic horses, but also have the norwegian breed Døle-horse. A sturdy horse for the bigger riders, or those who just prefer a bigger horse. Just give us a notice as you book the ride. All our horses are experienced and very suited for riding in the mountains.

We have following terms;
* Minimum age is normally 10 years
* You dress the same way as you would for a hiking trip in the mountains, but we always recommend trousers and solid footwear. (mountain boots)
* We supply riding helmets.

From 600 NOK

Location & contact

  • Opening hours:
  • All days from the end of June to the end of August.