Geilo has been named Norway's best for the second year in a row!

Paul Lockhart
Ski awards 2020 winner

Winter is here

Welcome to Geilo!

Paul Lockhart
vinterapning 2020

Christmas market 2020

Welcome to the Christmas market in Geilo Sentrum!


Season start offer

Stay in the middle of the ski slope and enjoy 3 wonderful days of skiing for only NOK 1795 per person!

Paul Lockhart
Season start offer

Mange overnattings-muligheter!

Kun på jakt etter et sted og sove, eller ute etter velfortjent luksus et steinkast fra alpinbakken?

Overnatting slider

Gunstige pakkepriser på overnatting + heiskort

Er du blant de mange som besøker Geilo for å stå på ski, så har vi spesielt gunstige priser. NB! Begrenset antall, vær rask med bestillingen!

Vegard Breie
pakkepriser slider

Gode ski. Alltid.

Skiparken vår er ny av året og vi prepper hvert par før vi leier ut på ny. Vi kan også gi dine ski et løft for mer skiglede.

Paul Lockhart

Vinterglede uten ski



Winter without skis

Most famous for its ski slopes and hundreds of miles of cross country skiing, Geilo also offers many other exciting activities. Geilo is known for its great skiing, but has plenty to offer for those who thrive without skis or want a break from the slopes. Why not try dog sledding, sleigh rides, kanefart or tobogganing? 



Welcome to a (open and) safe Geilo this winter 

We have, as far as possible, taken all precautions and planned for a winter season full of good skiing experiences. Here we relate to the municipal chief, FHI and the authorities to ensure permanent residents, guests and employees safe and adventurous mountain experiences through a long and wonderful winter.

winter covid-19


Welcome to Geilo, the place for adventurous mountain experiences!

What do you want to do / participate in while you are here? See the large selection and find the activities you want to take part in.
Our best tip, if you do not have time for everything you want to do, is to extend your stay by a day or two extra.

Norwegian School of Tourism in Geilo

Educate yourself in the world's fastest growing industry - tourism, hotels, restaurants and experiences!