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Tourist Information

The Tourist Information is centrally located in Geilo Sentrum, 1 minute walk from Geilo Station. By visiting our office, we can give you more information about what you can experience in the area.

At the Tourism information Center, you can get tips and advice for diffrent hiking and cross coountry trips. We can also answer most questions about Geilo and public transport. You will find free brochures about Geilo and the surrounding areas and you can buy maps over Geilo, Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda. Check out the interactive, 3D-model of the Hallingskarvet National Park and learn more about the park.

The Tourist Information core opening hours are Monday-Friday 09:00 and 15:00. During the peak of the summer season, we may have longer opening hours including weekends. Opening hours can be affected by public holidays.
You will find us on facebook with inspiration and information and you can contact us on Messenger. We also have an Instagram account for inspiration.


At the touristinformation you can use our free wifi-service, drop by and we´ll get you online!

Local offices

In addition to the mean turist office in Geilo you will find smaler local ofices at the following companies.

Haugastøl Turistinfo
Rv7 direction Bergen
Haugastøl Turistsenter (accomodation)
+47 32 08 75 64

Dagali Turistinfo
Fv 40 direction Kongsberg
Joker Dagali (supermarket)
+47 32 09 37 14

Hol Turistinfo
Fv 50 direction Aurland
Hol Ysteri lokalmatutsalg (local food market)
+47 992 74 157

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