Airport Shuttle

Direct shuttle bus between Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Sokna and Geilo. There will be an own shuttle between Norefjell and Sokna for Norefjell guests.
The coming winterseason 20/21 Geilo will co-operate with Norefjell Destination with a bus transfer to/from Oslo Airport Gardermoen.
For Geilo passengers the transfer time will be the same as before (4 hours), the only adjustment will be that there will be a stop at Sokna for boarding/de boarding of passengers going to/from Norefjell.

Practical information;
• The bus will stop at the following places in Geilo; Geilo Train Station and Vestlia. Any additional transfers within the destination is not included. Bus stop in Vestlia is Vestlia Resort (west entrance).
• The bus will stop at Sokna to board/ de board passengers going to/from Norefjell. There will be an own shuttle between Norefjell and Sokna for Norefjell passengers.
• Upon arrival by flight to Oslo Airport Gardermoen- please check the information monitors in the Arrival Hall, where information on where the bus will depart from is available, or visit Avionor Information Desk.
• In case delayed flight(s) the bus might wait up to 1 hour. (This does not apply for those days when we have a bus at 1715 also.) Please contact Geilo Booking at your earliest convenience if you need assistance in connection with delayed arrival, tel +4732088500. Alternative transport will be arranged if necessary. Please remember to mention your flight number upon reservation.
• The bus drives non-stop between Oslo Airport Gardermoen-Sokna and Sokna - Geilo.

NB! When you book return ticket, you choose return ticket twice and choose the correct time and date for both ways.

Download Airport Shuttle schedule here.