Aktiv Helse

Aktiv Helse is a treatment and training institute in Geilo with off. approved chiropractor, physiotherapist with operating grants, ultrasound diagnostics and nursing services.
Personal guidance, quality and security are our key words. Aktiv Helse has a good interdisciplinary collaboration and offers chiropractic, physiotherapy, exercise guidance, rehabilitation, AktivA, sports massage, classical massage, ultrasound diagnostics and nursing services at AktivSykepleie (professional nurse).

AktivSykepleie (professional nurse) offers, among other things, the following services: Blood pressure measurement, heart rate and blood sugar measurement. Simple wound care. Advice, guidance and follow-up on nutrition and lifestyle changes. Support / talk therapy. AktivSykepleie offers general skin health where medical Botox is in focus and will offer laser treatment in the near future. AktivSykepleie also offers home visits by appointment.
You do not need a referral to get treatment.

You will find Aktiv Helse in the middle of Geilo Sentrum between Rv7 and Geilo station, Amfi building 2 top floor. Parking garage downstairs, entrance from the pedestrian zone and elevator in the building.

Chiropractor Marianne Krüger tel. 32 09 39 70 or online booking via website.
Physiotherapist Siri Gaustad Kvinlog tel. 32 09 39 71
Physiotherapist Pål Børnick, ultrasound tel. 90 55 63 39
ActiveNursing tel. 47 13 47 24 or online booking via website.

You can find both Aktiv Helse and AktivSykepleie on Facebook and Instagram.
Address: Vesleslåttveien 19, 3580 Geilo